This Mountain is considered ideal to adapt altitude and good acclimatization, offer an opportunity for ski down for people want to skiing
Climbing season: Between April to last November
Days in the Mountains: 3 days
Difficult: Easy, doesn’t require technical ability


Day 1: Huaraz – drive to Llaca Valley and climb up to Moraine Camp of Valluna (4760m/15612ft)
After the breakfast in the Hotel the Guide will pick up you at 8:00hours approximately, then you will be transferred to the East site from Huaraz to Llaca Valley, where is the start point hike to the Moraine Camp for about 2 hours half, during this hike up we will see mountains in the east site like San Juan, Ranrapalca, Ocshapalca, and Leon dormido mount, arriving to the camp around 13:00hours for lunch, after lunch we will check our climbing equipments for the next day and overnight camping at (4760m/15612ft).

Day 2: Moraine Camp – summit day (5386m/17666ft) – Moraine Camp
This day after the fast breakfast in the Moraine Camp we will start short climb over the rocks for about 25 minutes to get the glacier, where we will put our climbing gears like crampons, harnes, helmet, etc.
from the moraine to the summit will takes 4 hours climb up approximately, in the top (5386m/17666ft) we will take pictures for about 10 minutes and inmediately we go down to the Moraine for about 2 hours, arriving to the Moraine we will take out our climbing gears and pack to start go down to the Moraine Camp, overnight camping in the Moraine.
Day 3: Moraine Camp – Back to Huaraz
In third day we will leave at 4:00hours approximately, after 4 hours climb up we will get the Summit of Vallunaraju (5686m/18650ft), where we can enjoy the nice views of different mountain such as Huascarán, Tocllaraju, Copa, Ranrapalca, Ocshapalca, Huantzan, etc. after to enjoy the nice views we will start go down for about 1 hour half to the Moraine Camp, arriving to the camp for lunch. After to arrive we will pick up the tents to continue go down to the road where out transport will be waiting for us to transport to Huaraz, arriving to Huaraz around 16:00 or 17:00hours.