Quilcayhuanca trek +Ishinca Climb Tocllaraju


    Quilcayhuanca trek + Ishinca Climb Tocllaraju - 8 Days

    Day 1: Huaraz – drive to Quilcayhuanca entrance – hike to Tullpacocha (4250m/13940ft)
    This first day after the breakfast in the hotel we will picks up you from your hotel around 07:00hours, then transport to Quilcayhuanca entrance for about 2 hours, passing small villages like Nueva Florida, Unchus, Llupa and finally arriving to the Quilcayhuanca entrance, there will be waiting our donkey driver and donkeys to help us carrying our logistics to the first Camp site only, during this trekking we will have lunch at noon in a nice place we find, along this trekking you will enjoy the nice mountain views like Andavite, Cayesh, Chinchey, Tullparaju, San Juan, Maparaju, Pucaraju, etc. Arriving to our camp you will have hot water for washing and immediately hot drink, overnight camping at (4250m/13940ft).

    Day 2: Tullpacocha – Huapi pass (5000m/16400ft) – Cojup valley
    After the breakfast in Tullpacocha we will start climb up to Huapi Pass (5000m/16400ft) for about 3 hours and half with the porters help, before pass we will enjoy the nice Lake named Cuchillacocha at (4625m/15170ft), on the Top we will stay for some minutes to enjoying the splendid views for nice peaks like Huapi, Pucaranra, Tullparaju, Andavite, Cayash, Maparaju, San Juan, Huantzan, Ranrapalca, Ishinca, etc, after that we will go down to Perolcocha in the Cojup valley, which is our second Camp at (4000m/13120ft). Lunch on the way at noon, arriving to camp hot water for washing and immediately hot drinks.

    Day 3: Perolcocha – climb up to the Moraine Camp of Ishinca south side (4700m/15416ft)
    This day you will have late breakfast, at 09:00 we will start climb up to the Moraine Camp of Ishinca located in the south side, our camp will be close to the lakes Perolcocha, lunch on the Camp at noon.
    Arriving to the Camp you will have free afternoon to walk around the camp and take pictures, around 16:00hours you will have hot drink
    Overnight camp at (4700m/15416ft).

    Day 4: Moraine Camp – Ishinca summit (5550m/18204ft) – Base Camp Ishinca (4350m/14268ft)
    This day we will have early breakfast around 04:00hours for 30 minutes, at 04:30 we will start climb Ishinca, 2 hours climbing up over the rocky paths to the snow, from there we will climb up to the summit of ishinca for about 2 hour and half over (5550m/18204ft), once get the summit you can enjoy the nice mountain views around like Ranrapalca, Ocshapalca, Urus, Tocllaraju, Palcaraju, Tullparaju, San Juan, Huantzan, etc.
    After that we will descend to the Base Camp located in the north side of Ishinca valley, which is the same Base Camp for Urus and Tocllaraju mountains, lunch on the camp, Overnight camping at (4350m/14268ft)

    Day 5: Ishinca Base Camp – Rest day
    This day we will have late breakfast, then the clients will have free day to walk around the camp or to visit Perolcocha
    In the afternoon you can take a shower, hot drinks and late dinner, overnight in the Base Camp

    Day 6: Ishinca Base Camp – Climb up to the Camp 1 of Tocllaraju
    This day you will have late breakfast, then we will check our climbing gears to use during the climbing to Tocllaraju, after that you will have lunch in the Camp at noon, immediately will leave to the Camp 1 with our porters who’s will be helping us carrying our logistics, 2 hours climbing up over the rocky paths and 1 hour climbing over the snow to the camp 1, free afternoon, hot drink and dinner, overnight over the glacier at (5200m/17056ft)

    Day 7: Camp 1 – Climb up Tocllaraju summit (6035m/19794ft) – down to the Base Camp
    After the breakfast in the Camp 1 at 3:00am will be starting to climb up to the Summit (6035m/19794ft) for about 5 hours, where we will enjoy the splendid views of different peaks our around like: Huascaran, Santa Cruz, Ranrapalca, etc. after that immediately will return to the Camp 1, then we will pick up our equipments ant continue go down to Base Camp, arriving at 4:00pm approximately and overnight in the Base Camp.

    Day 8: Base Camp – hike out Ishinca valley – back to Huaraz
    This day we will back to Huaraz after the breakfast around 08:00hours, down hill to Pashpa, before you will register in the Huascaran National Park your return, it will takes 3 hours half to Pashpa where our private transfer will be waiting to transport to Huaraz and then transfer to your hotel, lunch on the way, arriving to Huaraz around 14:00hours.

    • Recomended season: Early April to last September
    • Highest point: (6035m/19794ft) Tocllaraju Mountain
    • Difficult: Moderate trek, Easy and technical climb
    • Average hours to walk: 5 - 7 hours per day