Recomended season: Early April to last December, possible to do trekking all year
Highest point: (3100m/10168ft) Choquequirao
Difficult: Easy Moderate
Average hours to walk: 5 – 6 hours per day

Day 1: Cusco – Cachora – Chiquishca (1850m/6068ft)
Early in the morning, after the breakfast in the hotel in Cusco at 5 am. We will transferred with a pravade bus to the west side of cusco passing the district of Curahuasi, San Luis and Sayhuite, then we will arriving to the Cachora district, where the donkey driver and Mules will be waiting for us, where we will start our trekking to Chiquishca (1850m/6068ft) for about, from Cachora we will walk for about 2 hours half, where we find a good place the named Capuliyoc, where we will have lunch enjoying the splendid views of the mountains Padrilloc and Ampay, then we will continue our go downhill to Chiquishca for about 3 hours, overnight camping at (1850m/6068ft).

Day 2: Chiquishca – Marampata (2860m/9380.8ft)
After the breakfast in Chiquishca we will start go down to Playa Rosalinas for about 45 minutes, then we will start hiking up to Santa Rosa for about 2 hours, where we will have a small brake, then we will continue to Marampata (2860m) for about 3 hours, where we can enjoy the expended view, over night campaing at (2860m/9380.8ft).

Day 3: Marampata – Choquequirao (3100m/10168ft) – down to Chiquishca
After the breakfast in Marampata we will start early to Choquequirao Ruins (3100m/10168ft), where we will enjoy the splendid views of this place and some mounts around this valley, to visit this ruins will take 1 hour half approximately, then we will go back to marampata for lunch, after lunch we start go down to Playa Rosalinas for about 2 hours, then we will go up to Chiquishca for about 1 hour more, overnight camping at (1850m/6068ft).

Day 4: Chiquishca – Cachora – Cusco
After the breakfast in Chiquishca at 8:00am approximately we will start to hike up to Capuliyoc for about 3 hours half, then we will hike to Cachora for about 2 hours more, where our transfer will be waiting for us to transport to Cusco, the travel will take 4 – 5 hours approximately, arriving to Cusco aroundat 7 – 8 pm. approximately.